Address: 1051 Kapelus Drive, Unit 18 West St Paul, MB. R4A5A4

Timber Wilderness

From our headquarters in West St Paul, MB, we are committed to providing the best in outdoor gear and equipment, while ensuring the wilderness stays wild for future generations.

Through reforestation projects across Canada, we are not only providing new animal habitat and offsetting our carbon footprint, but also protecting recreation areas as well as hunting and fishing zones. Through our local community as well as our online communities, “Timber Wilderness and Timber Army", we invite everyone to give feedback, test products and share our passion for the outdoors together! Products are only added to our line once tested and approved by the Timber Army!

There is nothing more important than the feedback we receive from our sponsored athletes and the members of our community and we are committed to providing exceptional product designed to meet the extreme demands of our climate and region.

Quality Wilderness Products With Professional Support

From our headquarters in East Selkirk, MB, we are committed to providing the best quality and support.
This is Timber country.